Authorized Dispenser 

Starting with repeal and the first Olympia sold in 1934 Olympia Brewing created the authorized draught dispenser program. The aim of the program was to provide the public with the knowledge that only the finest of establishments meeting the strict quality control of the brewery would be allowed to dispense Olympia Beer on draft. From 1934 through the early 1950's Olympia advertising would always place a premium on promoting the authorized dispenser. The distinct neon sign the certificate and tap handle all would indicate a draft account 

Newspaper ad from the Seattle Paper January 1934 letting the public know where they could find their fist legal glass of post pro Olympia Beer at one of these authorized dispensers 
In 1938 The brewery sent distributors a series of postcards to share with tavern owners to help them talk up the authorized dispenser program 
Seattle's Iconic Blue Moon Tavern an Authorized dispenser of Olympia Beer note neons in window 
A very hard to find first generation authorized dispenser certificate in use from 1934-38
Beautiful Glass and Metal lighted backbar sign for use in early Authorized dispenser accounts 
A preview of a billboard ad showing the early certificate 
Ben Paris ran a number of Bars slash sporting goods stores in Seattle from the 1930s through the 60s if you look closely just under the clock and the deer mount you can see an Olympia Beer authorized distributor certificate 
New for 1938 Authorized Dispenser certificate which would run up till the 1950s 
Why you should proudly display your certificate circa 1939-40
The image of a clean cut and well kept bartender would be a trademark for 20 plus years of ads 
Some of the things that you would find at an authorized distributor note the neon sign certificate and velvet banner 
Another year another bartender circa 1940 -41
Breweries would send out these mini billboards in cardboard to their retail outlets the colors are fantastic 
The Blue neon sign as mentioned above 
Again the clean cut image of the smiling grocer or bartender with your case of Olympia Stubbies to go
Part of the winning combination of point of sale advertising the Authorized dispenser certificate the wave neon the blue velvet banner and the Famous Ball Knob 
1950s Redesign used until late 60s 
Late fifties ad showing the updated certificate and the new plastic tap knob The bartender is still clean cut and wearing a tie 
The last issue of Authorized dispenser certificates came out in 1968 and were plaques like this or Keg plaques The Rumpus Room was located in Butte Montana 
Other style certificate holder was a plastic keg face this one from Centralia Washington's Olympic Club