Olympia Bock Beer was a special springtime event every March from the days before prohibition till the last one in 1941 here's taking a look at some great bock advertising

From 1939 or 40 This cardboard piece heralds the arrival of Olympia Bock available in both bottles and Draught. Most Bock advertising were simple cardboard or paper banners or print ads in newspapers. Of course the jewel of Olympia Bock advertising is the aluminum leisy Bock beer sign
Typical paper poster from late 30s note the goat which is the symbol of bock beer this ad explains to the drinker that Bock is a Munich style dark beer.
Starting in 1940 Olympia Bock Beer in Bottles was identified by the word Bock on the label and a special red and white cap with the words Olympia Bock on it. These bottles are obviously very hard to come by as they were only out for a short time each year for two years. The bottles were available in stubbies long necks and the oh so tough quart. Bock beer was delivered in Kegs with special green bungs and cases with green bock stickers on them. I have never seen an Olympia Bock cardboard case with the special bock sticker. This is probably not surprising given the shortage of cases during the war and most being recycled.
Why the demise of Olympia Bock beer? well it depends on who you talk to. But certainly it revolves around Americas entry into World War II. Either through a shortage of brewing supplies like specialized grains or it could be that "Bock Beer" had such a tie in with all things German that it was thought inappropriate. Whatever the case Oly Bock was gone. But wait!! Oly Bock came back for one short lived year in 1962 Below is a beautiful full size poster from that year.


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