Olympia Lighted Signs

Rare sma
1950's Reverse on Glass Waterfall Sign Idaho version***
1950's Illuminated Box Sign**+

Olympia Beer produced some of the most inovative and popular lighted signs in the industry. You could probably do a websight on all the variations (clock, no clock. Normal size, Idaho size) and types of signs and still leave a lot out. Here is what I think is some of the most popular and unusal signs out there.  Seen above and below Top left Olympia Motion Reverse Glass lighted sign in the ultra tough Idaho(small) size other variations include a dark blue vs light blue background. Above and below Illuminated early 50s plexiglass and stainless steel light up signs. Mexican version a definite hard to find piece

Ultra Rare Spansih Version****
2nd version of sign****
3rd Version of Sign***
One of the rarest of all Olympia Signs this beautifull Back bar 1930's Art Deco Style reverse on glass sign with clock This is one of about a handfull known to collectors
1930's Olympia ROG Clock****+

1930's Reverse on Glass box sign unique in the fact Beer is not in the sign whatsover. This sign courtesy Ron Parks Collection

1930"s ROG Lighted SIgn***+
1930's back bar lighted sign. Base is made from cast metal and top is eetched glass
1930's Etched Cash Register Sign***+
Definite early 50's piece plaster frame gold reverse on glass twinkling stars manufactured by Hankscraft Reedsburg Wis. Sticker on back says designed and produced by Robert L Rogers Company Seattle Wa
Pre War Twinkling Star Sgn***

This is the only one of these signs I have ever seen it is a definite twin to the Hamm's sign of early 50's it has reverse glass on front and back  definite scarce sign

Ultra rare 50s light up sign****
Back Side of Sign
This is the first in a series of famous lighted Olympia Motion signs from the early 50's. each year there would be about ten different inserts for the sign from outdoor hunting and fishing scenes to food scenes all featuring bubbling glasses or pouring cans and bottles of Olympia Beer. Note on the earlier signs there is more wood than on the newer signs which have quite a bit of plastic.
1950s Motion Sign **
2nd series of Olympia Motion Signs from 1962 note the small amount of wood on top and bottom When I first started collecting beer signs these were everywhere for about 40 bucks now these are selling for around a 100 and are a very popular sign. Note below a picture from 1969 merchandising catalog showing a "Mexican Transparency"
Early 60s Motion SIgn **
How to date signs and inserts  Olympia like Joseph Schlitz Co. would usually put a dated code on the bottom corner of each sign such number as 63-100034 would mean 1963. And remember these inserts could be anywhere from 1960 - 1970
Last in a long line of Olympia Motion Signs this is the 1969 version of the famous motion signs started in 1950's. Note this sign is 100% plastic and has no wood. It carries the horshoe theme from the 1962 sign on each side. These are very handsome signs yet very prone to breaking because of the plastic.
Here is an example again from the 1969 Catalog of how many inserts would be brought out for the coming year multiply this by ten or eleven years and you get some sort of idea of just how many inserts are out there floating around. I still get pleasantly surprised everytime I see one I have never seen before.
Small Version Motion SIgn ***
One of my favorite signs it is from 1962 and features a rotating center with the oly logo on one side and the waterfall and goblet on the other there is a very similar Schmidt sign as well
70s Olympia Lighted sign
1970s Lighted Olympia Beer sign featuring Model Juanita Wade
From the early 70s here is a very popular lighted sign which can be changed to hang both vertical and horizontal the logo piece slides in and out while verticle transparencies are slid in. The verticle version of this sign is a much tougher one to come by. Both versions shown come in verticle and horizontal. Other versions of this sign horizontal are people on the beach building a sandcastle with oly cans another is a rodeo scene in front of a winnebago
Here are four variations of a lighted backbar sign manufactured by Thomas Schutz of Chicago Once again we have clock vs no clock as some state have rules against advertising beer or spirits with something functional like a clock or pool table light
Early 60s Waterfall Motion SIgn ***
Waterfall Motion SIgn with clock
Late 60s Waterfall Motion SIgn **+
Psychedelic 60s Waterfall Motion CLock
1969 Waterfall Sign
Rotating Giant Horseshoe 1969
1969 Draft lighted Signs ***
Know as an Olympia Cocktail Sign and made by Thomas Schutz and company Chicago IL. This sign is the pinnicle of Olympia motion signs as it lights up and displays water droplets and lights up in succesive words "It's The Water"

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