Olympia Lighted Signs

Rare sma
1950's Reverse on Glass Waterfall Sign Idaho version***
1950's Illuminated Box Sign**+

Olympia Beer produced some of the most inovative and popular lighted signs in the industry. You could probably do a websight on all the variations (clock, no clock. Normal size, Idaho size) and types of signs and still leave a lot out. Here is what I think is some of the most popular and unusal signs out there.  Seen above and below Top left Olympia Motion Reverse Glass lighted sign in the ultra tough Idaho(small) size other variations include a dark blue vs light blue background. Above and below Illuminated early 50s plexiglass and stainless steel light up signs. Mexican version a definite hard to find piece

1930's Gilco lense lighted sign
A very early lighted sign for an authorized draft dispenser 
A very rare lighted cash register sign manufactured in 1940 West Coast States like Washington prohibited Clocks on Alcohol advertising so the majority of these signs headed elsewhere 
A letter to Alaska distributors mentioning the sign above
Pre War lighted sign Bryan Anderson Collection 
One of the most successful designs this early 50s Ohio Advertising Motion sign is a beautiful and popular sign 
Ohio Advertising and display corp. The Cadillac of signs
Lighted sign prominently displayed in a Kelso Washington Tavern mid 50s 
The state of Idaho had size restrictions on any alcohol advertising many Olympia signs were manufactured specifically for Idaho Market 
Idaho Top all other areas below motion sign 
In the late 1950s Ohio Advertising dressed up their signs with these distinctive wood frames these are beautiful signs 
A very rare Idaho version of the above sign Wes Hobbs collection
Western Beer Prices Sign Wayne Bye Collection 
Idaho size shown below for size comparison 
Idaho Size sign inserts 
Next Series of lighted motion signs from about 1960 shown bottom Idaho size shown top
Inside view showing the adjustable motion wheel  
Rare Negro Transparency in early 60s Motion sign
Winter Scene 
Classic Waterfall Sign 
Summer Scene 
Western Beer Prices 1962 
The last motion signs made with real wood the series 1962 Illuminated sign shown below 
A extremely rare transparency from 1965 as seen in Hawaii
Every year new sets of transparencies would be made for the 62 series sign so the number of different inserts would certainly approach the 100s 
Last series of Motion signs made entirely out of plastic and as such no where near as sturdy 
1968 Olympia Sign
Side Detail 
Late 50s Reverse on Glass lighted sign 
Paraneon Reverse on Glass lighted sign 
Reverse of Sign
A pair that came out of South Dakota and sold on ebay 
Late 50s early 60s heat motion lentricular motion sign
Early 60s Rotating Motion sign logo on reverse side very fragile 
As the 60s Became the 70s the lighted signs became simple and inexpensive  Horizontal insert 
And Vertical Insert
As the 70s became the 80s the signs became even less well made 
Manufactured in Tacoma Washington 1950s Lighted signs made of Plexiglas and stainless steal Version 1
Slightly different no Enjoy Version 2
Version 3 no waved boarder 
Version 4 No Enjoy
Version 5 Spanish!!!!! 
1968 Animated Cocktail Sign water droplets appear along with wording it's the water very hard to find with gold ring on top
Seldom seen out west nautical light up signs probably late 70s or early 80s
Definite early 50's piece plaster frame gold reverse on glass twinkling stars manufactured by Hankscraft Reedsburg Wis. Sticker on back says designed and produced by Robert L Rogers Company Seattle Wa
Pre War Twinkling Star Sgn***
Last in a long line of Olympia Motion Signs this is the 1969 version of the famous motion signs started in 1950's. Note this sign is 100% plastic and has no wood. It carries the horshoe theme from the 1962 sign on each side. These are very handsome signs yet very prone to breaking because of the plastic.
Here is an example again from the 1969 Catalog of how many inserts would be brought out for the coming year multiply this by ten or eleven years and you get some sort of idea of just how many inserts are out there floating around. I still get pleasantly surprised everytime I see one I have never seen before.
1969 Waterfall Sign
Rotating Giant Horseshoe 1969
1969 Draft lighted Signs ***
Know as an Olympia Cocktail Sign and made by Thomas Schutz and company Chicago IL. This sign is the pinnicle of Olympia motion signs as it lights up and displays water droplets and lights up in succesive words "It's The Water"
Lighted Horseshoe Backbar lights and clocks