Pre Prohibition 1896 - 1916

What does pre pro mean? Simply stated it means any advertising done before the advent of prohibition. Washington like it's northwest neighbors voted in prohibition a full four years earlier than the rest of the nation which helps to make pre pro breweriana that much harder to obtain.  Given that Olympia did not even start till late 1896 that is just shy of twenty years not a lot of time to have much of an impact on advertising. Consequently pre pro breweriana is quite sought after and usualy expensive to buy. The following items are from my collection or when noted someone elses.

Beautiful reverse glass sign obtained from the Mugrage collection by Bryan Anderson.  A few things on this piece are intersting to note. First like the match holder the term Yes! before It's the Water is used. This callout only seems to be used in pre pro advertising.  Also note the billing to bottled beer. Olympia was one of the first brewers on the west coast to exclusivly use the new bottle cap for beer and this seems to play prominently in their advertisg all the way up to the late 30's ****+

One of the most rare of pre prohibition pieces this tin over cardboard sign touts the availability of Olympia Beer in bottles. Also incorpareted in this sign is the image of the Dutch cavilier holding a bottle of Olympia almost an excat size and shape of the tip tray with the same image. From the Mugrare collection Courtesy Bryan Anderson ****+

Olympia tip trays above the cavilier tip tray which is just as common as the serving tray ** Below is one of the tough ones a Potlatch tip tray celebbrating a early Seattle potlach ****
Potlach Tip Tray and part of another paper giveaway 
Revers of Paper piece
Seattle Branch Tip Tray Both phones 599
Portland Oregon Rose Carnival 1913
Pre Pro Sewing Kit 
Colapsable Drinking Cup
Pre Pro Openers # Key Registered at the Brewery as a gift to visitors  Combination Bottle Opener Corkscrew (rare) Another Key (cap lifter) 
Pre Pro and probably Post Pro (top right)  Leather Key chains
From Don Bull Opener Book explaining the significance of the numbered openers 
Even though Olympia Beer was always Bottled with Crown Caps They did ship beer to Hawaii Alaska and overseas in Barrels that were later jugged in blob top bottles with corks
Reverse Side of Corkscrew 
Very Cool Giveaway from the Seattle Branch of Olympia Beer
Folds out into a flower
1908 Calendar
Close Up
A Page from a Pre Pro Calendar Capital Brewing 1 year before the name change to Olympia Brewing Company 
Above Tin Over Calendar in the Background 
A Pre pro tin corner sign from the Ron Parks Collection
Yellowstone Saloon Yacolt Washington Photo from Washington State Archives
Close up of the sign

Here is a look at how pre pro bottles were carefully Packed for shipping carefully placed in cardboard boxes then crated up in a wood box with a paper label both bottles and boxes are hard to find

A pre pro bottling operation shows just how labor intensive the process was each bottle was individually wrapped and placed in the barrel 

Two of the most common pre pro etched glasses

Olympia Brewing Company San Francisco 12 oz bottle Olympia Brew Co SF CAL embossed on back
A very beat up but nonetheless Capital Brewing Tray 
Similar to the above design but note does not say its the water very odd
1905 Tray 
Charger of the above design
Pre Pro Reverse Glass Lense 
Another Pre Pro Lens Same Lettering as Above 
Pre Pro design used on delivery wagons and odds and ends
Above label painted on truck right in front of rear tire
Seattle Workhorse Parade July 1910
Pre Pro Stock Certificate 
Close up