Mugs and Steins
Pre Prohibition Lidded Stein and mug 
Pre Pro Mugs
Above and below pre prohibition mug commemorating  BPOE Elks convention in Portland Oregon 
Pre Prohibition Giant Saloon display chalk piece 
Pre Pro on the right 1970s Ceramarte  on the left lots of visible differences in detail hand painted and concave bottom and the fact it doesn't say Ceramarte Brazil on the bottom make it easy to tell the difference
West German Left Ceramarte Brazil right from 70s again look at the level of craftsmanship
Early 60s Mug Made in the USA a beautiful and underappreciated mug by collectors
What's the story with these oddball mugs? often seen are the coffee cups or beer mug not seen are the jumbo mug or small coffee mug. It took years to finally solve the puzzle 
Finally a name to go with. Often these mugs had been found with military insignia on the reverse but were they sold at military bases were they cheap knock offs? 
With some help from my friend and fellow collector as well as Navy vet Gary Flynn we see that these were made overseas during the Vietnam era by someone in Japan 
Mid 70s pewter mugs
Above and below given as Christmas gifts to distributors in the 70s these set of 4 Bronze mugs by the Wendell August Forge are outstanding in their detail and craftsmanship There were also matching trays paperweights and pen and pencil holders made
Mug with Robert A (Bobby) shown and Adolph D (Bump) Schmidt Reverse 
Mug with Peter G Schmidt shown and Adolph D Sr. Reverse 
1970s era Mugs including big 1 liter 
From the post 81 label change Seldom seen wildlife mugs in a set of 6
Big Horn Sheep and Grizzly Bear
Moose and Cougar
Badger and Bison
early 1990s era from the brewery gift shop
Above and below maybe the last mug the brewery did a limited edition of 2000
Coffee Cups!!!
Aluminum Mug with clear plastic bottom 
1970s 80s Thermo-Steins 
Late 70s Early 80s Plastic Mugs

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