Early 60s Lucite Tap Marker
Olympia Labels
One of the most recognized labels in the history of the West. For more than 60 years the basic label tennants stayed the same The distinctive font the horse shoe Tumwater falls and the words pale export type a light table beer and the great yellow gold and white colors.
 Looking at these two keg labels they would seem similar except in the color but there are quite a few subtle differences  notice the trade mark above the logo on the blue label this is very reminisant of the early post pro 34 -35 advertising also subtle diffrences in the tumwater brand horseshoe as well
In 1974 Olympia tested the label below in select markets in Montana and in Qfc stores in Washington State needles to say the reaction was not overwhelming positive. Below are a label and a rare 6 pack and full 1/2 case of cans