Above and below a pre pro Oly bottle telling the consumer why they need to take action to stop the onset of prohibition. This is one of a number of different bottles with similar message
All Olympia Beer Bottles prior to 1936 have their born on date perferatoed on the label with the advent of the stubby in 36 Bottles were dated with dots on the back of the label see sidebar down below
Two tough Oly stubby bottles a rare Olympia Bock beer from 1940 also available in tall twelve and quart bottles Also a clear stubby bottle and depending on who you listen to could be the result of one of two things either a WWII  glass shortage or a more probabe answer a method for testing the batch quality at the brewery by looking at the beer through a clear bottle (more research needed)
One of the more popular sizes because of the more beer for your buck motto Oly quarts come in a variety of shapes from the classic extra large stubby style bottle to the long neck whiskey style bottle. The tall quart with the newer style label was purchased(and enjoyed) by me in Missoula Montana in the 1990's It was available at a downtown deli and was one of like two locations where you could even find these, the other being a chain of low cost grocery stores in Nevada. Note the rocket top version of the Oly quart a non deposit non return bottle.

Ever wonder about the dots on  the  back of the Oly Stubby label here is the story

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The famous Olympia Tall  12 bottle a tavern style bottle introduced in the late 60s to replace the more traditional tavern bottles and advertised heavily, yet for some reason they do not show up all too often probably a result of the recycle concious consumer of the Pacific Northwest a easy bottle that is realitivly hard to find for the number that were produced

With bottles of course there are bottle caps shown below are some of the more unique including pre pro and anti-prohibition Oly caps