Early 60s Lucite Tap Marker
From the Start of Repeal in 34 to the late 50s Olympia Ball Knobs 
On the Left a WWII Era Tap on the Right Post War Style There is a Rainier Like this too
Left to Right Early 60s Lucite There is a Dark Navy Version Too 1960-2 Tap 1958-9 Tap 
1930s Ball knob version#1
1930s Version#2 note letter difference
1930's Version#3 Blue Bakelite
Gear Shift Knob Extremely Rare

These are four different Olympia Beer ball knobs shown above The first is by far the most comman and used from repeal to the early to mid 50s The second is a variation I have not seen many of probably a different manufacture and maybe a small batch? Notice the letters are different and the famous is a small font. The third is my favorite a light blue bakelite no doubt a WWII era tap. I have seen a 1/2 dozen or so of these so I can be certain they are legit. The last version is a specifically designed shift knob used for hot rodders of the 50s there is a twin to this for Rainier as well no doubt made by a novelty company, I have seen about a dozen of these too adding to their legitimacy

1st post ball knob tap marker circa 1955
Above and Below Replacing The Ball Knob Would be This Plastic Tap in 1958 
Above and Below The New Standard Tap Marker for 1960
1960 Olympia Tap on Draft Tower
Issue Date Unknown but Porcelain and Metal Design Would Indicate early 60s
1962 New Standard Tap Marker Made of Wood
From Left to Right 1962 Tap 1964 All Metal Tap 1967 All Plastic
As the Decade of the 60s Progressed More Plastic and Less Metal 
Tall Wood Taps Make the Scene in 1966
Olympia Tap in Action 1966 Olympia Dark Debut Note Neon in Window
It's The Water News 1969
Late 60s Taps With or Without Tower Top Light or Dark
Two variations of mid to late 60s tap knob. Dark Olympia was introduced in 1966 and only in draft form.  Oly Dark was usually found in pizza parlors throughout the northwest like it's Puget Sound neighbor Rainier Dark. In the late 80s Olympia brewed Oly dark in attractive Green striped cans and available only at the brewery. In my mind one of the best beers they made
1960s Picnic Keg Taps most thrown away
Olympia "picnic taps" This is what you would have got on the end of your pump tap when you went to get your keg at the distributer tavern etc.. these are made of cheep plastic and are about the size of a matchbook. Most were either lost stolen or broke not seen much today. Note the lack of the word light on the center tap
1970 Design for Golden Tap Program
Mid 70s Olympia Lucite Taps
Two Taps Showing the Design Change of 1980 There are Dark Versions of both Taps as well
1980s Lucite Taps
Hard to Believe bu Olympia Gold on Tap!!!
Two Probably Home Made Handles the Left from Portland Oregon The right from a Bowling Alley in Spokane Washington 
From the Pabst Era of Ownership Post 1983
The Ill Fated Medallion Olympia's Entry into the super premium Beer Market

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