Olympia Outdoor Advertising

Shown Below a Giant Olympia Neon Advertisng Sign from the mid 50's. Can you guess what city this is in? If you said Portland Oregon you would be right. Take that Blitz Weinhard!!

Shown below you can see the enourmous size of this sign which was at the top of the loyalty building at 6th? and Alder

Two different views of a pre pro billboard one in Seattle and the other in ?? Portland Note the Seattle office of the Olympia Brewing Co in the building below the sign in Pioneer Square
Fick Brothers Distributers Vancouver Wa circa 1949 check out 40s Mercury
Hawaiian Transit Bus 1955 with It's the Water translated in Hawaiian Oia Ka Wai
Shown above the water tower at Hyak up on Snoqualmie Pass Interstate 90 being painted to resemble a giant Oly can in the late 70s the tower visible from the freeway was a huge point of sale piece and prior to being an Oly can was a Heidelberg Can see the links section for the whole story
Shown Below Beautifull Outdoor Billboard from 1958
Shown Below are typical billboard scenes from around the Northwest and California
Above and below what a difference color can make above a cardboard mini replica of a real billboard bottom at the corner of Mission and Richmond Los Angeles California 1955
Pacific Outdoor billboard company billboard locations Los Angeles Ca 1955 How many were Oly would be anyones guess but for sure at Mission and Richmond Shown below Color Shot of Mission and Richmond Los Angeles 1950s
Above entering Astoria Oregon early 50s below North DIvision Spokane Wa 1950s
Below Highway 99 Aurora Blvd Seattle Wa 1962
Shown below are three real photos of Olympia billboards from 1964
Outdoor advertising campaigns were a big deal in the 50s and 60s and trade publications like Pacific Outdoor and Washington and Oregon food retailer and Brewer and Dispenser frequently showcased each seasons new campaign
Shown above the depot bar in Cle Elum Wa zround 1914 Below tavern in an unknown Washington town look at the nice round reverse glass signs on the front of the building

Not all outdoor advertising is on buildings and taverns this is a great billboard advertising Oly in Anchorage Alaska pre WWII

Pretty common in the days before television that newspapers caried the majority of beer advertising. Here is the window of the Los Angeles Examiner showcasing the return of Olympia Beer to the Golden State following prohibition. This picture dates prior to 1936-7 since there are no stubby bottles Oly used the tall 12 from 34 to around 37 when stubby bottles were almost exclusivly used Shown below is a photo of the banner seen in the upper left corner.
Here we are a few years later and at the other Los Angeles paper and we see Stubby bottles and below the introduction of Cans in 1950
Shown below is a late 50s early 60s Olympia Distributor sign these are seldom scene as either they were not popular or.... Most seem to show in Southern Oregon or California the example below is from a craigslist ad in Idaho

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