Olympia Brewery Plaques
Classic Pre War Golf Plaque **+
Classic early 60's plaques made by Timely Products of Des Moines Iowa. Due to the fragile nature these are not easy to find Red version is definitly harder than Blue ***
Great looking set of metal backed plaques from 1962 Notice the two different glass styles both called schooners. Hard to find all three together and the pitcher is probably the hardest
A perfect example of still finding variations out there everyday. Took this pictuure at collector Jaon Smiths in Everett Dec 2011 obviously the hardest to find

One of the newest peices in my collection this is definitly gets the goofiest sign award! How many shots of Tequilla did the ad agency executve drink who came up with this? The gold nugget on top looks like a pile of dog poop! Made of styrafoam I have never seen another. Even though it is butt ugly I will never let it go! ***+

From the early to mid 70s a great piece of Oly breweriana a Montana relief map extolling the virtues of the Treasure State. I first saw one of these in a Deli in downtown Misuola in early 90s which still sold Oly quart bottles! While not highly rated on tough scale way up on the cool scale **

Late 60's or Early 70's Olympia authorized draught dispenser plaque in the shape of a keg. This one from the Famous Olympic Club Saloon on Tower Ave in Beautiful Centrailia Wa. In the late 80's you could get a schooneer of Oly there for 40 cents!!!!

Manufactured from 1959 to 64 by Timley Products this is the most desirable of the 3 sets of animal plaques the easiest to find are the pheasant and mallard the hardest are the moose and the giant steelhead. These signs are really taking off price wise with Moose and fish easily toping the 100 dollar mark.
Two early 60s wood Olympia plaques The trapozoid shaped sign is made by Ripley W Gage Company Oswego Oregon ** The Rectangle sign is made of very thin painted veneer with beveled frame **+

Classic pre war golf sign made of a pulp type pressboard. Dating this sign I came across a company ad in brewer and dispenser from 1937 featuring this particular sign. Surprisingly the surviabilty rate of this sign is  quite high probably given to the popularity of golf and the cute characters Shown below is a unique variation of the 60s characheter plaques as it is made of chalk and hand painted it is the only one I have ever seen weather hand made or authorized this is one rare sign ***+

Made again by Timely Products these wildlife plaques have become immensly popular with collectors and bring quite high prices today. Shown below are animals from the first series. These are beautiful fiber board plaques feature the orange letters on blue background of pre 60's Oly packaging.
If you look closely you will notice that both the deer and trout are missing the familier phrase keep our forests green and our highways clean which would probably place them as the earliest in the series. As for rarity the fish is hands down the hardest to find and the duck the easiest the others are all about the same. These plaques also do not hold up well from smokey taverns due to the di-noc vinyl.

To the left the third set of Oly animals produced from 1976-78 These are probably the easiest of the three sets though still hard to find a good moose as the antlers get

Prehaps the most sought after set is the 2nd set of animals shown below also made by Timley Products of Des Moins Iowa from about 1959 -62 or 3 these plaques have a gold sticker on the back that will give you the actual date of manufacture. Again the Moose is probably the hardest most desirable because of the rack, also very tough is the GIANT Salmon which is on a oversize thin plastic board very hard to find in tack with the dorsil fin on it. Also shown here for the first time are some not seen mockups for other plaques with different fish
Seattle area tavern owner putting up a brand new set of animal plaques 1964 Note the classic Rainier R neon in the window