Neon Signs

Famous Olympia Beer wave neon from 50's This is a very rare and desirable neon in multiple styles. There is a Hanger and two on frames a medium and large. Also sometimes but rarely seen are giant size distributer neons with the words Famous and Distributer on the top of the neon These are all ***+ to ****

From Famous Olympia Beer to Oly Ovals you will find them all here

1930's Olympia Table Top Neon Sign 14"x14" ****

Yet another 1930's Tabletop Olympia Neon 9.5" x 14.5" ***

First Post War Olympia Neon similar to 1930's hanger yet slightly smaller ****+ This example is an exact reproduction with an original style transformer.
Very hard to find early 50s table top Olympia Neon Definitley a 4 Star sign
As seen above and bleow Olympia backbar neon from the early 50's You can see the exact dimmensions from the catalog card of the early 50's

Unique probably one of a kind neon for a distributor ever seen one?

Perfect example of the sizes of Oly Ovals the very tough mini in the On Tap  Version Medium Classic OLY and the Large Oly on tap *note the plastc oval is the later 70s Red plastic instead of the 60s Orange
Classic Olympia Oval neon first seen in 1959-60 Comes in many different variations and dimensions from a 15" mini to regular 24" and Jumbo 28"  Wording on bottom can be Beer, On Tap or It's the Water My favorite is Kegs to Go said to be a custom for a LA Tavern Mini and Jumbo Size neons are ***

Note the interesting variation in this company photo below. It shows a delivery driver from Seattle area distributer Lang and Co. walking by an Olympia jumbo oval with the words Light instead of ON TAP at the top of the neon, I have never seen this version before

Once again here is probably a one of a kind neon that hung in the Brewery visible to those taking the brewery tour or sneaking about at night. Update 2020 This neon came from a collection in Portland Oregon so there were obviously a few that were made but still a very rare sign
This is probably the most recognizable Oly neon there is offered in a variety of sizes (though I have never seen a mini) and colors Red or Orange ovals still seen in taverns throughout the Northwest and Northern California
A prototype neon made for the Olympia brewery the word "sample" is written on the back of the transformer. This neon evokes the classic 60s horseshoe design with a big thick single strike neon (priceless)

Olympia Gold Neon probably a prototype as I have never seen another one. Beautiful 4 color neon turqouise Red White and YellowObtained from the Premium Bill Collection ****+

Ever seen American Grafitti? If you remember in the movie when Toad tries to buy beer at the liquor store this 1960's Oly neon is hanging prominently at the window. 2nd version of this sign is without horseshoe both **

For the Southern California and Arizona market 1 of 3 different styles of Hispanic themed Neons
A couple of  Hanging its the water neons in two different sizes including an early version with ruby red neon Top courtesy Michael Magnussen bottom authors collection